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Creative agency awards 2009

MULTIWAYS//E-Strategies sarà presente nel libro “Creative Agency Awards 09“!!!
Dopo una dura selezione fra centinaia di quotate web agencies e communication companies di tutto il mondo, MULTIWAYS è stata considerata come una delle importanti realtà ammesse a comparire tra le 99 agenzie più creative a livello mondiale e i nostri lavori compariranno nel libro che le presenterà tutte in uscita entro il 2009.

About the book

A new book “Creative Agency Awards 09” will be showcasing the top 99 creative agencies worldwide to be arranged and based on their creative prestige both in the web and print design.

Creative agencies have been playing an important role in today’s business world by supporting businesses with a powerful message that delivers a lasting impact for every product on each consumer all over the world. They take brand competition to new heights and the smartness of each campaign gets people talking.

The “Creative Agency Awards 09” book will be gathering all of the brilliant agencies who have been incorporating the wonders of the strategic and creative world and gave to us all the bold ideas that left the whole world amazed and convinced.

“Creative Agency Awards 09” wants creative agencies who do not settle to work under the norms of society by doing the usual ideas and methods. The book looks for creative agencies who dare to go beyond the line and finds success by standing out. And these people deserve to be credited as being one of the best in the world through this book.